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Type of kimono
Nov 01, 2018

Kimono has a wide range of colors, textures and patterns, and has changed for thousands of years. Not only are there obvious differences between men and women (men's clothes are more monotonous in color, more emphasis on black, fewer styles, thin waistbands, accessories simple, easy to wear; women's clothes are colorful and gorgeous, with a wide waistband, and a wide variety of styles, and many accessories), but also according to the occasion and time, people will be different. Wear different kimonos to show caution (women's dresses include wedding kimonos, adult suits, evening kimonos, banquet kimonos and general dresses). The knitting, dyeing and embroidery of the kimono itself, as well as the cumbersome rules of wearing it (wearing kimonos with cloth and socks, and combing different hairstyles according to the type of kimono) make it a work of art. Designers continue to innovate in colors and textures, and apply various bold designs to colors, making modern impressions skillfully integrated into the classical form.

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