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Hat Technology
Nov 01, 2018

It has sewing, felt molding, knitting, knitting, injection molding and other processes.

1.Sewing: sewing machine is the main production process. The general technological processes are paving, scratching, cutting, sewing, ironing, sewing decoration, finished product inspection.

2.Felt molding: mainly used for hat production. The wool is carding, tire making, bleaching and dyeing, and then according to the design, the corresponding helmet is ironed and pressed into shape.

3.Knitting: Knitted machine woven into a hat, cap, and then sewing, ironing and so on. It is basically the same as sewing technology.

4.Knitting: mainly by hand knitting, crochet, etc.

5.Injection molding: injection of plastic into plastic mold by injection molding machine. It is mainly used for making safety helmet and so on.