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How to Select Scarf Manufacturers
Feb 09, 2019

In fact, in real life, knitted scarves have been used very little, whether in terms of shape or warmth, cashmere and wool scarves are better, but customers have needs, as a knitted scarf manufacturers have to produce. Longxiang Textile recommends to you how men and women should send knitted scarves:

Men's knitted scarves:

1. Style, generally choose the classic style, according to his usual style of dressing to choose the corresponding style, fabric scarf.

2. Color. The color of men's knitted scarves is usually classical, such as black, white, grey, brown and blue lights.

3. According to the body shape, people with narrow shoulders or slippery shoulders are suitable to choose a lengthened scarf. If their neck is longer, they can choose a thicker and longer knitted scarf.

4. Fabrics, women pay attention to style, men pay attention to quality, for the style and pattern is not suitable for complex men's scarves, it is absolutely necessary to choose a good quality knitting.

Woman knitted scarf:

1. Judge the style girls like according to their usual dressing style, and then choose according to the style.

2. Choose a scarf according to the color that a girl likes or the color that matches her usual clothes.

3. Choose scarves with special patterns carefully.

4. Choose according to the girl's figure.

Of course, knitted scarf manufacturers should produce knitted scarves of reliable quality, so that consumers can rest assured that the purchase is the main.

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