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Usage Of Scarves
Nov 01, 2018

1. Fold into a right-angled triangle along the diagonal line, and then put the bevel forward, right-angled backward, two bottom corners of the place tied in the neck, this is the most common method.

2. The mask type folds the square towel into a triangle or a rectangular flat tie above the bridge of the nose, behind the tie, so that the nose, mouth and face are covered, only the eyes exposed outside, so that chivalrous battle.

3. The tightening hoop wraps the head from the forehead to the back of the head, situates above the auricle, and folds the edge of the spare square towel back into it, thus forming a self-made small cold, which belongs to the genie weird type.

4. Scarf type to tie the entire square towel into a line, tied to the neck, in front of a button can be fastened, or can not fasten the button directly flat on the inside of the coat, so as to keep warm, if it is a high-grade square towel can also reflect the noble temperament and taste.

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